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Furniture Upholstery & Clothing Alterations in Sarasota, Florida

From furniture upholstery to clothing alterations, Custom Sewing by Luisa in Sarasota, Florida, is your one-stop-shop for custom sewing services.

Sewing & Upholstery

Sewing and upholstery are as much an art as a machine process, and they add many more years to the life of your furniture. Bring your old furniture back to its original glory with our sewing and upholstery services. Choose from a large selection of material patterns and techniques to make your upholstery more beautiful. In addition to furniture upholstery, we also do boat covers and marine upholstery.

Furniture Slipcovers

Add more flare to your furniture without the hassle of buying new or reupholstering the whole piece with a simple slipcover. When you are tired of the look of your furniture, come to our sewing shop for quality craftsmanship on all slipcovers. After we cover your furniture, it looks brand-new and you won't even be able to tell it's a slipcover.
Window Curtain - Sewing Services in Sarasota FL

Window Treatments

Make a statement with custom window treatments. Let us come to you to take professional measurements to secure a perfect fit. We also match the materials to the existing décor in your home, ensuring that everything complements each other for a beautiful and cohesive look.
Additionally, we also offer repair and restoration services for your window treatments. Choose from a variety of custom window treatments to meet your needs, which we create according to the exact measurements of your window.

Room with Window Treatments, Clothing Alterations in Sarasota, FL

Wedding Dress, Clothing Alterations in Sarasota, FL


Custom Window Treatments include:

  • Valances
  • Curtains
  • Lace Curtains
  • Mylar
  • Privacy Sheers
  • Stage Curtains
  • Tergal Sheers
  • Window Trimmings
  • Cornices
  • Regular & Blackout Draperies
  • Roman Shades

Clothing Alterations

Ensure the perfect fit with our clothing alteration services. Let us alter your party, prom, or wedding dress so that you look your best on your special day. Alterations, including hemming, zipper repair, and beading, are also available for other clothing items, such as suits and other office attire. You will look stunning in any of the clothing that we alter.